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The «Italian» Watch Academy

It’s official! The Watch Academy is coming to Italy. It will open soon in Casale Monferrato, a small town in the north.

Groups of enthusiasts will soon be able to assemble their own « Swiss made » mechanical watches in a single day.

In this Italian version of the Watch Academy, the workshops will be supervised by Pier-Enrico Besana. This watchmaker has worked for the most famous Swiss watch brands. He will guide the participants through the assembly and share his extensive experience. However, Casale Monferrato’s Watch Academy will be somewhat different from its Swiss counterpart, since it will be mobile. It will move around, following various requests and wishes, as well as the seasons, taking place in a local hotel or restaurant in the area.

Cimier’s signature method has already been met with great success in Switzerland, where it is also mobile, but only on demand. Therefore, exporting the concept was very tempting. It will now be adapted and prepared for an extended period in Italy.

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